He’e Nalu Keiki

hnocckeikiWe’ve got a He’e Nalu Keiki donation page up! (http://keiki.heenaluocc.org/) As most of you know, I’m an assistant coach for one of the local outrigger paddling clubs keiki (kids) crew. Us coaches and the parents spend a lot of our free time at practices and races. We train on and off the water as best we can with what we have in hopes the excel in the canoe and out, once they grow up. These kids are out future and have become family. This page is to help with future costs to help the kids with training as well as races.

We have a 9-man crew of 13-17 yr olds racing from Santa Cruz to Monterey, an almost 26 mile race! These donations will help fund training, chase boat costs, traveling accommodations, jerseys and any other fees that come with MBX ( Monterey Bay Crossing).

If you can help in any way, we all truly appreciate it 



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