About Our Canoes

There are nine canoes in our He’e Nalu ohana. Our two Malia canoes, “Keiki O’ Ke Kai” and “Na Lei O’ Pio” were the original canoes that founded He’e Nalu. The canoes are owned by Manny Neves, founder of the Polynesian Cultural Society. In 1994, they were entrusted to the care of Steve Murphy, one of the founders of He’e Nalu and made their voyage across the bay to their new home in Larkspur. Because the canoes were built as part of a children’s program, they were named to commemorate the keiki spirit.

Our Bradley canoes, “Warren Kealoha,” “Kala Kukea,” “John O’Brien,” and “John Gieser,” along with the Advantage Clipper, “Rell Kapolioka’ehukai Sunn,” were named in memory of individuals that were inspirational to the club and personified the true spirit of He’e Nalu.

The two Mirages, “Hoku’ula” and “Hoku’loa” are named after the red star, Mars and the morning star, Venus. The two stars were important navigational tools for the early voyaging Polynesians and also represent the spiritual power (mana) of the male and female.

Our canoes are a life force of He’e Nalu that we honor, respect and treasure.

Canoe specifications: Overall length: 45′
Loaded waterline length: 37′ 8″
Standard weight HRCA specs: 385 – 400 lbs – Type OC-6 (6 People/Boat)

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