At the beginning of the season your coach will advise you what days and times your crew will be practicing. Until the races begin, you can anticipate practicing 3–4 times each week. Once races start, practices are normally scheduled 2 days a week with a race on the weekend. Weekday practices are held in the evening; weekend practices will be determined by the individual coaches.

It is each paddler’s responsibility to attend practices, to be on time for practice, and to have your paddle with you. You may wish to bring water, and energy bar or some food source and appropriate clothing for the chilly waters of the SF Bay.

The Coaches

A large round of applause to coaches, who selflessly volunteer their time and talent to the paddlers of He’e Nalu. This is an enormous undertaking that often takes away from a coach’s own paddling time. While there are standards in technique that He’e Nalu adheres to, as in every sport, each coach has their own style of coaching. If you have any questions about your crew’s training, please feel free to discuss it with your coach or with the Head Coach.

Coaches face the difficult decision each race day of determining which six paddlers will be
selected to participate in the race. Understand that coaches struggle to find a balance of what will provide successful racing results for He’e Nalu (as a competitive club) as well as give as many paddlers as possible a chance to compete in a race. In many cases, it takes years for paddlers to find themselves at a competitive level. Many new paddlers will find that they may not be chosen for crew on the day of a race. We encourage paddlers to not be discouraged, but to continue the sport. Sometimes you’ll find that that one extra season is a difference in making crew on race day.

The communication needed between coaches and team members becomes critically important during racing season. Both keiki (children) and adult divisions can benefit greatly if a parent (in the keiki divisions) or team member (adult divisions) can volunteer to serve as a liaison between the coach and team members. It doesn’t require much time, but can serve to effectively keep everyone “in the loop.” If you are able to assist, please talk to your coach at one of the first practices

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