One of the benefits of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling is the minimal amount of equipment necessary to participate. Outside of the canoe, the only equipment essential to paddling is the paddle itself (also known as a “blade”). The make and size of the paddle is very important to the training of all paddlers; each paddler will require a paddle that matches their body and strength to allow for full potential.

New paddlers should check with their coaches to determine the appropriate make and size of a paddle. As paddling season gets underway, stores that carry paddles stock up for the rush, so work with your coach as early as possible to learn what you will need. It may become difficult to find a paddle that fits you if you wait too long. The good news is that many companies that manufacture paddles have websites and will take individual orders. Most paddles run between $100-$200.

Paddlers who take on the role of steerspeople will require a special steering blade.

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