Coconut Wireless – August 2018

NCOCA Sprint Championships!

2nd Place V1/OC1
2nd Place Overall (Large Club)

He’e! Nalu! He’e! Nalu! HE’E! NALU!

Congrats to another successful season charging down the sprint lanes! We came in for a close finish by winning the Spint Championships at Lake Natoma and walking away with 2nd place for the regatta season with 205 points (1st Place HPOCC – 259 points, 3rd place O’Kalani- 189 points).

Mahalo for all your hard work and commitment to earn this wonderful recognition!

Round the Rock 2018 – Success!

Beautiful Day for an Amazing Race

We did it!! This marks the 22nd year our club has hosted the Alcatraz Challenge and what a beautiful day in the Bay for a race! After months of preparation, we all showed up before dawn at Crissy Beach to get set up as we were greeted by a glorious sunrise and clear skies – almost unheard of at this time in Fogust. Setup was smooth, registration was quick, merch was flying off the racks, and smiles were abundant.

As the races kicked off, ohh so did the wind. By the time of the Men’s Long Course, winds were gusting in through the Gates at ~32mph. Impressively, all crews completed all the courses safe and sound despite the challenging conditions, and without a single huli or incident. Congrats to all the paddlers for throwing down your best effort and conquering one of the toughest courses!

In total, 85 crews competed across all divisions and categories with over 19 crews visiting from as far as Australia, Hawaii, and SoCal, making this our largest event yet. Mahalo nui loa to all our members, the NCOCA, and everyone who helped to make this event possible. Planning and executing a sports event for 500+ competitors in the middle of San Francisco Bay is no small feat, and each year we will continue to make it bigger and better for our sport and community. IMUA!

IVF World Sprint 2018 in Tahiti

He’e Nalu Representing on the World Stage

The va’a world met this July 19 to 26 in Pirae, Tahiti for the 18th IVF Va’a World Sprint Championships. With more than 2000 athletes coming from about thirty delegations, this is the biggest international sporting event since the Pacific Games in 1995.

Several past and present He’e Nalu members competed at World Sprints this year represented HNOCC and the greater NCOCA. Aloha and mahalo to Nicole Sholly, Jen Nadeau, Alex Gil, and Taki Te Koi for making us so proud and inspiring us to paddle hard! Congrats on the experience to compete alongside the best in the world.

Next up: World Distance Championship 2019 Australia & World Sprint Championship 2020 Hilo, HI!

Club Race – The 3 Island Tour

A Taste of Everything in this Practical Clinic

With the cancellation of the Golden Gate Classique race, the club seized the opportunity to set up a fun race of our own, right in our own backyard! We had a full fleet of five OC-6s, plotting a course from the channel through each of the 3 sets of islands. There were currents, there were winds, there were waves, and there were more than a few great battles between crews.

It was so awesome to experience the aloha, energy, and amazing effort by the entire ohana, including all the work of loading, unloading and rigging to make this day possible!

Open Board Positions (2)

Submissions and nominations due 9/25

We will have 2 openings becoming available for the He’e Nalu Board of Directors and we’re now accepting submissions and nominations for these positions:

  • 2nd Vice President (currently Wyatt Wong) – Oversees fund raising and sponsorship procurement on behalf of the organization of the club. Responsible for Membership recruitment, publicity, public relations, marketing and obtaining committee chairs for Club Regatta, and phone tree and Club manual. Provide needed budget.
  • Secretary (currently Heather Ivey) – Shall review and reply to all organizational correspondence necessary for the functioning of the club. Will be responsible for recording all minutes of meetings of the club and maintain a current membership list. Provide minutes of meetings to the BOD, and a copy upon request to any member. Manage current NCOCA race cards and release forms. Update; information and paperwork for each member. Provide needed budget.

If more than one submission/nomination is received per position, the board will hold an election with the general membership to vote on a candidate.

This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute your time, ideas, and stoke to help keep the club running and make new improvements. Everyone is welcomed, no experience necessary – learning is part of the fun!

Please submit your interest or nomination directly to [email protected] and let us know which position and why you are interested in or recommending someone. Mahalo!

P.S. There is a farewell party to send off Wyatt on 9/15 at Tim’s house in San Rafael. Sign up on Teamstuff!

Newcomer Paddles

2nd Sunday of Every Month

Aloha and Mahalo to all the stoked people who’ve been contacting us and coming out to our Newcomer Paddle sessions! We will continue to host regular Newcomer Paddle sessions throughout the season on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The next session is on September 9th, 2018 at 11am @ 101 Surf Sports. Please extend the invitation to family and friends to come and try it out, and also sign-up for an upcoming Newcomer Paddle session in Teamstuff to be an ambassador. Mahalo!

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Coconut Wireless – July 2018

Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge

Race Day – August 4th, 2018

We’re stoked and ready once again to be hosting Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge, one of the most iconic outrigger canoe races, for the 22nd year! This event continues to grow year after year and this year is no exception – we’re expecting the majority of the NCOCA ohana participating in this race, plus over a dozen visiting crews have pre-registered already from hailing from SoCal, Hawaii, even Australia. Let’s show them a warm welcome and aloha nui loa!

Volunteers for Event Day

We’re just a little over two weeks away from hosting Round the Rock and it’s time to lock in some volunteer posts to make sure the day goes smoothly. Please check out this form and choose the area in which you want to help out for the day of the event: All members are expected to please pitch in, more hands make light work. If nothing jumps out at you, join the setup and teardown party!

Get your Round the Rock Commemorative Apparel

Check out this year’s official event jerseys, t-shirts, and trucker hats at our Online Store! Pre-order now and pick up at the event to ensure you get your size, there will be limited stock will be available at the merch booth and they will sell out. Support, represent, and celebrate our epic race by rocking this year’s beautiful design on super-soft race jerseys. Look fast, feel fresh!

Paddlers’ Clinics

Safety Clinic Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the mandatory safety clinic last month on June 23/24, 2018. If you were unable to attend that clinic, there is one more opportunity to be briefed on July 28 right before the inter-club race (see below). If you miss this as well and can not demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge of personal water safety and rescue procedures, the board and coaches may restrict your participation in long distance races. If you wish to verify that your safety-clinic attendance in good standing, please check here:; members who snuck out early are not qualified… don’t be that guy (or gal)! Tsk tsk.

Inter-club Mixed Race + Course Navigation Tutorial

With the cancellation of the GG Classique race, on July 28, 2018 we will be running our own inter-club race of mixed-member crews around San Rafael Bay. This is a great opportunity to build your long distance race experience, work on blend with other club members, and learn more about how to read water and navigate a course around tides and currents in a race setting. Specifically, we will be having a pre- and post-race discussion on the course and current advantages, using the race as a practical example. Please sign up on Teamstuff – this session will get us all primed and ready for our final races at Round the Rock and Kula Anela!

Petaluma Work Party + BBQ Recap

On July 14th, a bunch of members arrived at the Petaluma site and loaded up a trailer full of junk and debris in record time! We cleared up the boat ramp to make OC6 launches a little easier and safer and we also cleared out some sketchy small crafts from the rack that were not sea- or river-worthy. We did not get to moving the Kala out for repairs and will schedule that for the off-season instead.

Mahalo to Les for leading the effort in beautifying the site; Kimo and Ohana Construction for donating the use of his truck, trailer, and dump fees; Max for grilling and preparing mouth-watering Shoyu Chicken Musubi to feed the hungry; and everyone else who showed up to help with the work and food and drinks!

Care for Club Small Crafts – OC1/OC2

And this is why we can’t have nice things… /rant

In the few short months that our newer red OC2 has been acquired and in service, it has already suffered significant damages requiring extensive repairs to the hull after it was obviously dragged and dropped on what appears to be a dock cleat. Seriously?!

So, from now on the red OC2 may only be used at practices under coaches’ supervision in an effort to preserve it. We will soon be locking it up and the coaches will be given the key. The white OC2 and OC1 may still be used anytime outside of practice.

Please handle with care – here’s how you must care for any OC1/OC2 in general:

  1. Always rack and unrack the OC2 with 2 people. Unless you are 100% confident you can manage the OC1 by yourself, also get help to rack and unrack the OC1 with 2 people as well. People have dropped boats or swing it into things after tripping or catching a gust of wind – don’t be that person.
  2. When moving the canoe, position one person at each end of the canoe and maneuver around together, slowly and carefully. Always watch out for posts, racks, people, furniture, anything that might be in the way.
  3. When placing the canoe down on the ground or dock, go extra slow. It should not make a sound when you move or put it down. If you hear a tap or bonk then you’ve probably just put a ding in it.
  4. Know how to rig, before you rig:
    1. First, Insert both iakos first into the hull.
    2. Next, typically the front iako gets rigged to the ama before the back.
    3. Make sure you support the canoe and ama while you rig. Don’t let pieces hang, dangle, or swing around – it adds a lot of stress to the connectors and rudders and could compromise the structural integrity of the canoe.
    4. Attempting to rig in the wrong order will likely require extra force and increase the chance of damage. Don’t do that. If it feels like you’re forcing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  5. Wherever you plan to rig, please make sure there is plenty of space. The canoes are awkward, relatively light, and tends to slide around while you’re working on the iakos and ama. Use your body to physically block the canoe from swinging to the dock posts, cleats, or whatever obstructions that could cause damage.
  6. Always check for damage before launching on the water, and before racking the boat when you finish. If you see anything that looks off, it probably is – report it to the board immediately as a safety precaution!
  7. Always rinse the canoe thoroughly on the dock after you pull it off the water, before racking the canoe. Hose the everything down to rinse off the salt, especially any metal or cables that may corrode.

Newcomer Paddles

2nd Sunday of Every Month

We will continue to host regular Newcomer Paddle sessions throughout the season on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The next session is on August 12th, 2018 at11am @ 101 Surf Sports. Please extend the invitation to family and friends to come and try it out, and also sign-up for an upcoming Newcomer Paddle session in Teamstuff to be an ambassador. Mahalo!

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Round the Rock – Raffle/Donation Drive is ON!

A message from our incomparable Round the Rock Raffle & Donation Leaders, Shannah and John George:

Aloha He’e Nalu Members and Supporters,

As you know, a lot of work has been going on in preparation for the 2018 Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge.

As such, we are asking again for every member’s support in securing prizes for this year’s raffle. Last year we had many outstanding donations which resulted in a very successful raffle.

Please, contact your friends, relatives, local businesses, big corporations. No items are too small or too large. We’ve attached an official letter that you can use to present to your contacts for more details about the event:

Once obtained, the donated items can be transferred to Shannah Young or John George. Shannah can be contacted at (808) 351-6812 and John at (415) 850-6448. We would like to have the items by July 28.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected]

Shannah, John, & Wyatt

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Coconut Wireless – June 2018

Work Party + General Meeting

Saturday, July 14, 2018, 12pm @ Petaluma Site

Aloha members! We will be having another all-hands gathering on Saturday, July 14th starting at noon at our Petaluma site. Please try your best to attend and spend the afternoon with us, we’re aiming to get a lot done:
1. Potluck and BBQ – We’ve been training hard and bringing our energy to all the regattas and races. Let’s take reward ourselves with some good food and hang out before the Sprint Championships! Please bring your favorite dish to share or something to throw on the grill.
2. Work Party – There are a few housekeeping items we need to take care of at the site: junk and debris removal; load up a canoe to tow away for repair; clean out the OC1 rack; and general site clean-up.
3. Alcatraz Race Planning – The big race we’re hosting on August 4th is coming up fast! We’ll be talking about specific tasks and duties and delegating them out to everyone. It’s work, but it’s also a lot of fun and a great way to showcase our sport and our love of the Bay. We’ll need everyone to help make this happen!

The location to the Petaluma Site is behind the Foundary Wharf in Petaluma (link to map). You may park in the parking lot on Saturdays, and then enter through the gates at the corner of the lot.

Mandatory Safety Clinic

June 23/24, 2018, 11am @ 101 Surf Sports

There have been a couple of unfortunate incidents (link , link , link) in recent weeks within our paddling community that makes our awareness and practice for safety more important than ever.

The HNOCC board, coaches, and a couple of members with subject matter expertise have been working hard to put together this safety clinic for your well-being. Please sign up for either one of the clinic days on Teamstuff and we’ll see you then!

This is a mandatory session for all – you may not be cleared to race long-distance events if you do not attend the Safety Clinic. If you can not attend either of these days, please let us know at [email protected]

He’e Nalu at the Sprints

Cheehoo! Go He’e Nalu!

Race Season Logistics

Canoe Loading & Unloading

With regattas and races happening almost every weekend from now until September, please remember that we all have to set aside time to load and unload our canoes in order to be race-ready. You should assume that loading & unloading times happen for any week that we have a race unless the board announces otherwise.

Thursday evenings at 7pm is the designed time for loading at Loch Lomond in San Rafael. If you are racing that weekend, please come to help unrig and help load the boat onto the trailer. Even if you’re not racing, please come lend a hand to make it quicker and easier.

Sunday mornings at 9am is the designated time for unloading at Loch Lomond in San Rafael. If you are practicing Sunday mornings (Men, Novice groups), find out from your coach if you might be starting practice from Loch Lomond after you unload and rig the boats. Even if you’re not practicing, please come lend a hand to make it quicker and easier.

Round the Rock: Alcatraz Challenge

Race Host Prep & Planning

Round the Rock is on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 and we’re stoked to be hosting this iconic race for the 22nd year! Check out the race website ( if you haven’t already and tell all your friends an family and invite them so they can see what you’ve been up to!

For this epic event to happen there’s a lot of work to be done. We typically get 70+ crews participating with visitors from Hawaii, Australia, Canada, SoCal, and the east coast. Here are the various aspects of the race we need to work on, and we will go into more detail on specific tasks at the meeting on July 14th:
1. Race Logistics
2. Site Logistics
3. Registration
4. Food & Drink
5. Merchandise
6. Raffle
7. Vendor Support
8. Awards

Wyatt has already spoken to some of you about taking on specific roles after a recent survey. If anyone else has time and an affinity to jump in and help with any of these categories before the meeting, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen!

Donations Needed! – There is one thing that everyone can pitch in to do starting today and that is to collect donations for the raffle. Every year we put together an amazing raffle with two dozen gift baskets… the raffle is almost an event itself! Please don’t be shy to ask your favorite shops, your work, your friends, or anyone who may have products to donate. In previous years we’ve had items ranging from paddles and paddling gear, hydration and packs, spa and wellness items, wine & beer, hotel & restaurant gift certificates, a bicycle, almost anything you can imagine. HNOCC is a non-profit organization and we are more than happy to proudly feature brands’ logos on our website if they wish as they make a donation to our fundraiser.

As you collect donations, please let the board know in person or drop us a quick note at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) and we will arrange to pick it up and store it until the race date.

Newcomer Paddles

2nd Sunday of Every Month

The June Newcomer Paddle was a success! We had 10 stoked paddlers join us on a beautiful Sunday morning and we look forward to the next Newcomer Paddle to share our aloha.

We will continue to host regular Newcomer Paddle sessions throughout the season on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The next session is on July 8th, 2018 at 11am @ 101 Surf Sports. Please extend the invitation to family and friends to come and try it out, and also sign-up for an upcoming Newcomer Paddle session in Teamstuff to be an ambassador. Mahalo!

Mahalo Nui Loa

We’d like to give a special thanks again to Sue Pearson for leading our Recreational Paddle sessions and welcoming recent new members to our ohana. Special thanks again to Les Scanlan for taking care of our equipment, patching up Hokuloa and rebuilding our trailer lights for safe transport. Finally, a huge shoutout to our novices for bringing all the stoke to every practice and race. We love you all! Mahalo!

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Coconut Wireless – May 2018

General Membership Meeting

Saturday June 2, 2018, 11am @ 101 Surf Sports

Aloha members! We will be having a general membership meeting at 101 Surf Sports on Saturday, 6/2 at 11am. All members are strongly advised to attend. The agenda for this meeting will cover the following items:

1. 2018 budget
2. Review of policy and procedures for members, including safety
3. Info for upcoming regatta/sprint season
4. Alcatraz race host planning
5. Q&A, feedback and suggestions

Small Crafts Rack @ Petaluma Site

Site Clean-up Update

Do you have an OC1, SUP, or other small watercraft parked at the Petaluma site? Have you paid your dues, or talked to a board member about it? We have a few crafts on the rack that have not yet paid rental dues for the year. Please go to the HNOCC online store to square up before June 1st, it’s $120 for the year.

We are planning to schedule a work party to clean up the Petaluma site this month, please look for another email soon as we’ll need help and volunteers.

Any unclaimed craft that occupies an unpaid rack space will be removed before or during the cleanup.

He’e Nalu at the Races!

Viva Aloha, Rig Run, & Monterey Hoe Wa’a

Congrats to everyone who competed in the first series of long distance races! Here is a snapshot of the results:

Viva Aloha

  • 1st place Ohana Women Short Course
  • 3rd place Novice Men Short Course
  • 3rd place Novice Women Short Course
  • 3rd Place Open Women Spec
  • Open Women Unlimited placed 4th out of 7
  • Open Men Unlimited crew also put in a solid effort against a competitive

Rig Run (SCORA)

  • Men’s Unlimited placed 10th out of 19.
  • Women’s Coed Open Unlimited placed 6th out of 12
  • Women’s Spec crew also put in an amazing effort against a competitive SoCal field

Monterey Hoe Wa’a

  • 1st place Novice Coed Short Course
  • 1st place 19 & Under Coed Short Course
  • 1st place Masters Coed
  • 3rd place Open Women
  • Women’s Open Unlimited crew also put in an amazing effort in the long course against a competitive field and some challenging conditions!

Newcomer Paddles

2nd Sunday of Every Month

We’ve had a record number of newcomers and novices this season and we’ve received even more stoked messages recently from those waiting to try outrigger canoe paddling! With all this interest, we plan on continuing to host regular Newcomer Paddle sessions throughout the season, on the 2nd Sunday of the month, to promote our sport, to introduce our club, and to turn up the aloha. If you are interested in sharing your love of paddling, please sign-up for an upcoming Newcomer Paddle session in Teamstuff and be an ambassador. Mahalo!

Memorial Day Group Paddle

Fort Baker to 101 Surf Sports

Thanks to everyone who came out bright and early on Memorial Day for the group paddle. The weather was perfect and the paddlers were stoked on this beautiful day!

Clinics and Workshops

Smart Body + Strong Mind

Paddle fast, train hard. Check! But what about the rest of outrigger canoeing? The rich culture and traditions? Water preparedness and safety for all conditions? Steering, currents, and navigation? Logistics and transport? Nutrition and hydration?

Well, we want to get you covered in all others aspects of the sport too. We can all benefit and appreciate our love of paddling if we continue to invest and instill in more knowledge and skills on and off the water. We plan to host monthly clinics/workshops and we need your input on topics – please click here to vote on the member site.

Please note that as part of the membership policy, each member is required to have at least one Water Safety briefing whether through the General Membership Meeting or at a dedicated clinic.

Mahalo Nui Loa

We’d like to give a special thanks to a few members who’ve contributed a lot over the last month. We want to thank Sue Pearson for leading our fun, weekly Recreational Paddle sessions at both sites. We’d also like to thank Max La Riviere-Hedrick for his time and care in towing our canoes for the past couple of races – logistics is hard! And last but… (naw he’s never last 🙂 we want to thank Les Scanlan for taking on the role of Site and Equipment Manager and keeping all our gear running safe and fast. Mahalo!

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Coconut Wireless – 2018 Season Kickoff


Everyone is welcome! You’re all invited!

  • Date : Sunday, April 29, 2018
  • Time : 11am – 1pm
  • Location : 101 Surf Sports, San Rafael
  • Food : Main dish provided. Potluck for sides, salads, drinks, snacks, desserts. Please bring to share!
  • Entertainment : Live music!

PLEASE RSVP: Also invite friends and family to come celebrate with us!

Recreational Paddling Returns

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey last month. It looks like we have quite a few paddlers interested in recreational paddling, so we’ve added to the schedule weekly rec paddle sessions at:

  • Petaluma site (Foundry Wharf) – Tuesday evenings at 6pm, tide dependent.
  • San Rafael site (101 Surf Sports) – Saturday mornings at 11am

Please note that rec paddle sessions are dependent on the number of signups on Teamstuff. Please use Teamstuff to mark your intent at least a 24 hours before the session, otherwise it may be cancelled. If you’re not a paid member and want to drop-in for a rec paddle, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get you signed up.

For the full practice and race schedule, please check out the club calendar –

Race Season Begins in May

We’re less than a month away from our first long distance race! Our race season officially starts with the Viva Aloha in Alameda on May 12th, followed by Monterey Hoe Wa’a on May 26th. Some paddlers have also expressed interest in going to SoCal for Rig Run in Santa Barbara on May 19th. Go He’e Nalu!

If you’d like to race in any of these events, please mark your intent in Teamstuff as “Going” for the event(s). Please set your intent inTeamstuff at least 2 weeks before race date so coaches have time to set crews and plan logistics. Once crews are set, your coaches will let you know further details about the race.

Stay Up-to-Date on the Members Site

Most of you who are paid members should have an account now on the He’e Nalu Members Site – This season, we plan on using the member site as our online hub for announcements, club documents, policy & procedure manual, training related videos, references and tips. There’s also a training log too built in to help you track your miles and time trials over the course of the season. All these resources are there permanently for you to take advantage of – like it’s 2018!

If you have any questions about the member site, or how to find/use a specific feature, please let us know at [email protected] We want to keep improving this online resource to make it work for everyone.

Volunteer Committee Sign-ups

Now that the season is under way, it’s time to check-in so we can check-off some to-do items on our list. Aside from our love for paddling, we know that our ohana is full of other talents and stoke — and we need your help!

If you are interested in sharing your talents and time with the club, we’re always looking for volunteers. Please check out this short list of committees and let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll make it happen –

Your help is needed to make this season extra fun and running smoothly. Thank you in advance, we greatly appreciate it!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

And a special shout out and thanks to Sports Basement for supporting He’e Nalu OCC as a League Partner. As a partner in this program, Sports Basement supported us with a 20% discount to kick off our season. Sports Basement has also made a generous donation towards our raffle prizes for our Round the Rock event. Aloha!

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Aloha Friday!

Happy Aloha Friday! A quick reminder to please pay your membership dues at our Online Store, or you can also give a check to a board member.

On to a very exciting announcement – Sports Basement is generously supporting He’e Nalu this season as a League Partner! To celebrate the kick-off to our season, Sports Basement has offered the He’e Nalu Ohana a 20% off discount in stores and online from April 1st-14th. Simply use the Online Code in the attached flyer at checkout in their online store (, or show this flyer when you pay in store to scan the discount code. Sports Basement will also be sponsoring our Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge race with raffle donations.

We also want to shoutout On The Water 360 (, who is returning to Round the Rock as a sponsor and vendor this year. OTW360 currently has a 10% discount with the code “OTW360” if you’re looking to update your paddle gear.

Mahalo Nui Loa!


He’e Nalu – SportsBasement

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2018 Season and Member Dues

Aloha! Daylight savings time is upon us and that means it’s the start of a new paddling season!

First order of business is to check out the practice schedule and race calendar (  To confirm your practice intent, please use the Teamstuff app to mark yourself as “Going” so your coach can plan appropriately.

Next, member dues.  Here is the dues schedule for the 2018 season:

  • Adult Individual – $250.
  • Couple – $450.
  • Keiki – $100, includes a race jersey.
  • Recreational – $125.
  • Any other combination (Family, siblings, etc.), please inquire with Board at [email protected].
  • OC1 rack rental in Petaluma – $125.

We ask that dues be paid by April 1st at the He’e Nalu Online Store ( You may also submit payment directly in person to any board member, or by mail – please contact us at [email protected] for mailing address.

Lastly, the tentative date for the Canoe Blessing and Membership Meeting is April 29th at 10:30am at 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael. We will be confirming this date and location soon.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

The He’e Nalu Board

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Aloha He’e Nalu Paddlers!

We are bringing back the “Coconut Wireless”, the official He’e Nalu Club newsletter, now in digital form. The Board of Directors and Coaches would like to welcome you all to the 2018 paddling season. Before the season officially begins we have a few announcements and reminders to share…

2018-19 Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors officially took office in January. It is our goal to share information openly with the club membership and we hope you will do the same with us. We now have a dedicated email address for the board, so please feel free to send your questions or comments to [email protected], or you can reach out to individual Board members at the email addresses listed below.

President: Nicole Sholly, [email protected]

1st Vice President: Tim Cornwell, [email protected]

2nd Vice President: Wyatt Wong, [email protected]

Treasurer: Maureen Chapman, [email protected]

Secretary: Heather Ivey, [email protected]

Coaching Team

Our coaches are committed to making this a fun and successful 2018 season. The preferred contact for each coach is listed below:

Women’s Coach: Shannon Hartnett, 415-902-0641, [email protected]

Assistant Women’s Coach: Richie Lambert, 707-782-8829, [email protected]

Men’s Coach: Josh Luria, 415-272-6800 (good for call or text), [email protected]

Novice Coach: Lisa Bell, 707-338-7396, [email protected] (email preferred)

Keiki Coach: Mike Smith, 707-774-1907, [email protected] (text or email preferred)

Practice Schedule

Regular season practices will be starting before you know it. Below you will find the schedule for each group, as well as open paddling in San Rafael. There are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water!

Women’s Practices in San Rafael – starting Saturday March 10th

  • Tuesday 6 pm on the water (OC6)
  • Thursday 6 pm on the water (OC6)
  • Saturday* 8:30 am on the water (OC6)
  • Petaluma practice schedule to be announced

Men’s Practices in San Rafael – starting Wednesday March 14th

  • Monday 6 pm on the water (OC1/OC2, OC6 Sprint)
  • Wednesday 6 pm on the water (OC6)
  • Sunday* 8:30 am on the water (OC6) (already underway)

Novice Practices in San Rafael/Petaluma – starting Monday March 19th

  • Monday 6-8 pm (OC6) San Rafael
  • Wednesday 6-8 pm (OC6) Petaluma
  • Sunday 6:30-8:30 am San Rafael OR Petaluma (OC6)
  • All practices in Petaluma are tide-dependent. Teamstuff will be used for updates/changes to practice location.

Keiki Practices in Petaluma – starting Thursday March 1st

  • Tuesday 4-6 pm (OC6)
  • Thursday 4-6 pm (OC6)
  • Saturday 10 am on the water (OC6)

Practices Open to All in San Rafael

  • Friday 9:30 am on the water (OC1/OC2)

* Note: During sprint season, Women’s practice will move to SUNDAYS at 8:30am; Men’s practice will convert to “alternative craft” (OC1, OC2, OC3, surfskis, or OC6 if available, etc.)

Winter Paddling

Saturday March 3rd will be the last winter paddling session. A big mahalo to Sue Pearson for leading the group in San Rafael throughout the off-season. This is a great way to stay in shape during the off-season (not to mention a lot of fun).

Season Calendar

Check out the 2018 season calendar to get a head start on planning your availability and participation in the NCOCA regattas and long distance races. Did you know there will be two new long distance races this season? More exciting details coming soon!

Race Secretary

We are looking for a volunteer (or two) to be the Race Secretary for the 2018 Season. The Race Secretary is responsible for completing online registration before each race and on-site registration at each race. Please contact the Board if you are interested in helping out with this important role.

Waivers and more!

Have you signed your 2018 NCOCA waiver yet? If not, please do so today by clicking here: NCOCA Smart Waiver 2018. Everyone needs to have a waiver signed before getting in a canoe.

Other steps to join and access the club resources if you have not already:

  1. Create an account on the Members site and sign our club membership form.
  2. Pay Membership dues, when the time comes.
  3. Request Teamstuff access.
  4. To sign up for practices using Teamstuff, download the iOS app or Android app
  5. Find us on Facebook.

Boats and Waterways Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey for the state Boats and Waterways project: The last time this survey was conducted in 2002 there was NO representation of non-motorized users. It’s imperative that we, as paddlers, are counted and considered in any maintenance and development of waterways. NOTE: In the survey, there is a question that asks you to put a dollar value on your waterway. This question is not an ask to charge or increase fees, do not put $0; this question is to assess how much we value our waterway so they can properly prioritize and allocate support and funds. Please put some $$$ value for our waterway and make it count!

Coming up…

Keep an eye out for announcements about the following:

  • General Membership Meeting
  • Canoe Blessing
  • Membership dues

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Give Aloha!

Aloha He’e Nalu,

As we wrap up 2017, the He’e Nalu OCC board would like to thank everyone for their aloha and dedication to our sport and our ohana this past year. Together on the water, we trained and raced thousands of miles from Northern California all the way to Tahiti. Off the water, we shared love, laughter, and unconditional support for each other during the devastating Sonoma fires. We are incredibly proud of these relationships and achievements. Every day we feel blessed to have our love of this sport and the water to connect us.

As we look forward to 2018, we ask that you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the club. We have a lot to look forward to for the upcoming year, but some of that requires additional funds above and beyond what membership fees could cover, including:

  • Finish replacing the dock in Petaluma. Major safety item for the keikis!
  • Finish repairing our canoe trailer. There are 2 new NCOCA long-distance races to tow to!
  • Additional support for our keiki program. They crushed MBX this year as the first ever keiki crew!
  • Catch up on much needed maintenance with our canoes and gear. Yeah, the debt that keeps on giving.

Any amount you give will make a significant impact. For example, $20 could sponsor race fees or a jersey for a keiki; $100 could chip in for some repairs. If you wish to make a donation, please either:

  1. Send your donation electronically via PayPal to [email protected];
  2. Or, write a check to “NCOCA” and mail to 355 Sheffield Court, San Jose, CA 95125;
  3. Or, contact Nicole Sholly at [email protected] for more information or other arrangements.

The NCOCA is our fiscal sponsor and will ensure that we receive your donation and issue you a tax receipt. Please leave a comment on your PayPal transfer or check that your donation is for He’e Nalu OCC. The deadline for tax-deductible donations is December 31st and all donations must be received and transacted before January 1st to be tax-deductible towards 2017.

None of this would be possible without you. Your support will help make next season even more memorable and spectacular.

Mahalo nui loa,
Nicole and the He’e Nalu board

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