Round the Rock – Raffle/Donation Drive is ON!

A message from our incomparable Round the Rock Raffle & Donation Leaders, Shannah and John George:

Aloha He’e Nalu Members and Supporters,

As you know, a lot of work has been going on in preparation for the 2018 Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge.

As such, we are asking again for every member’s support in securing prizes for this year’s raffle. Last year we had many outstanding donations which resulted in a very successful raffle.

Please, contact your friends, relatives, local businesses, big corporations. No items are too small or too large. We’ve attached an official letter that you can use to present to your contacts for more details about the event:

Once obtained, the donated items can be transferred to Shannah Young or John George. Shannah can be contacted at (808) 351-6812 and John at (415) 850-6448. We would like to have the items by July 28.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected]

Shannah, John, & Wyatt

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