Coconut Wireless – July 2018

Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge

Race Day – August 4th, 2018

We’re stoked and ready once again to be hosting Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge, one of the most iconic outrigger canoe races, for the 22nd year! This event continues to grow year after year and this year is no exception – we’re expecting the majority of the NCOCA ohana participating in this race, plus over a dozen visiting crews have pre-registered already from hailing from SoCal, Hawaii, even Australia. Let’s show them a warm welcome and aloha nui loa!

Volunteers for Event Day

We’re just a little over two weeks away from hosting Round the Rock and it’s time to lock in some volunteer posts to make sure the day goes smoothly. Please check out this form and choose the area in which you want to help out for the day of the event: All members are expected to please pitch in, more hands make light work. If nothing jumps out at you, join the setup and teardown party!

Get your Round the Rock Commemorative Apparel

Check out this year’s official event jerseys, t-shirts, and trucker hats at our Online Store! Pre-order now and pick up at the event to ensure you get your size, there will be limited stock will be available at the merch booth and they will sell out. Support, represent, and celebrate our epic race by rocking this year’s beautiful design on super-soft race jerseys. Look fast, feel fresh!

Paddlers’ Clinics

Safety Clinic Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the mandatory safety clinic last month on June 23/24, 2018. If you were unable to attend that clinic, there is one more opportunity to be briefed on July 28 right before the inter-club race (see below). If you miss this as well and can not demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge of personal water safety and rescue procedures, the board and coaches may restrict your participation in long distance races. If you wish to verify that your safety-clinic attendance in good standing, please check here:; members who snuck out early are not qualified… don’t be that guy (or gal)! Tsk tsk.

Inter-club Mixed Race + Course Navigation Tutorial

With the cancellation of the GG Classique race, on July 28, 2018 we will be running our own inter-club race of mixed-member crews around San Rafael Bay. This is a great opportunity to build your long distance race experience, work on blend with other club members, and learn more about how to read water and navigate a course around tides and currents in a race setting. Specifically, we will be having a pre- and post-race discussion on the course and current advantages, using the race as a practical example. Please sign up on Teamstuff – this session will get us all primed and ready for our final races at Round the Rock and Kula Anela!

Petaluma Work Party + BBQ Recap

On July 14th, a bunch of members arrived at the Petaluma site and loaded up a trailer full of junk and debris in record time! We cleared up the boat ramp to make OC6 launches a little easier and safer and we also cleared out some sketchy small crafts from the rack that were not sea- or river-worthy. We did not get to moving the Kala out for repairs and will schedule that for the off-season instead.

Mahalo to Les for leading the effort in beautifying the site; Kimo and Ohana Construction for donating the use of his truck, trailer, and dump fees; Max for grilling and preparing mouth-watering Shoyu Chicken Musubi to feed the hungry; and everyone else who showed up to help with the work and food and drinks!

Care for Club Small Crafts – OC1/OC2

And this is why we can’t have nice things… /rant

In the few short months that our newer red OC2 has been acquired and in service, it has already suffered significant damages requiring extensive repairs to the hull after it was obviously dragged and dropped on what appears to be a dock cleat. Seriously?!

So, from now on the red OC2 may only be used at practices under coaches’ supervision in an effort to preserve it. We will soon be locking it up and the coaches will be given the key. The white OC2 and OC1 may still be used anytime outside of practice.

Please handle with care – here’s how you must care for any OC1/OC2 in general:

  1. Always rack and unrack the OC2 with 2 people. Unless you are 100% confident you can manage the OC1 by yourself, also get help to rack and unrack the OC1 with 2 people as well. People have dropped boats or swing it into things after tripping or catching a gust of wind – don’t be that person.
  2. When moving the canoe, position one person at each end of the canoe and maneuver around together, slowly and carefully. Always watch out for posts, racks, people, furniture, anything that might be in the way.
  3. When placing the canoe down on the ground or dock, go extra slow. It should not make a sound when you move or put it down. If you hear a tap or bonk then you’ve probably just put a ding in it.
  4. Know how to rig, before you rig:
    1. First, Insert both iakos first into the hull.
    2. Next, typically the front iako gets rigged to the ama before the back.
    3. Make sure you support the canoe and ama while you rig. Don’t let pieces hang, dangle, or swing around – it adds a lot of stress to the connectors and rudders and could compromise the structural integrity of the canoe.
    4. Attempting to rig in the wrong order will likely require extra force and increase the chance of damage. Don’t do that. If it feels like you’re forcing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  5. Wherever you plan to rig, please make sure there is plenty of space. The canoes are awkward, relatively light, and tends to slide around while you’re working on the iakos and ama. Use your body to physically block the canoe from swinging to the dock posts, cleats, or whatever obstructions that could cause damage.
  6. Always check for damage before launching on the water, and before racking the boat when you finish. If you see anything that looks off, it probably is – report it to the board immediately as a safety precaution!
  7. Always rinse the canoe thoroughly on the dock after you pull it off the water, before racking the canoe. Hose the everything down to rinse off the salt, especially any metal or cables that may corrode.

Newcomer Paddles

2nd Sunday of Every Month

We will continue to host regular Newcomer Paddle sessions throughout the season on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The next session is on August 12th, 2018 at11am @ 101 Surf Sports. Please extend the invitation to family and friends to come and try it out, and also sign-up for an upcoming Newcomer Paddle session in Teamstuff to be an ambassador. Mahalo!

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